Fish River Canyon

Hiking the Fish River Canyon in Namibia

The walk starts near the lookout point at Hobas. Best way to get there is to take the shuttle bus from Ai-Ais. The total walk is about 85km plus the descent of 700m into the canyon.

We started off at about 9:30 on day one and took 3 days to get to Ai-Ais. The first section, from the bottom of the canyon at the start of the walk up until Palm Springs, is difficult going and took us nearly the whole first day. One has to cross from one side of the river to the other many times over. Don't sleep near Palm Springs, the smell of sulphur there is quite penetrant.

The second day from Palm Springs to beyond Four Finger Rock is easier. Worst are the long stretches of rock fields which are best done by short jumps from one rock to the next.

The third day we reached Ai-Ais but decided to camp just before the campsite to enjoy the sunset, the starry night and the baboons who populate the area near Ai-Ais.

All in all, a wonderful hike.

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Monday, 20 August 2012
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